PAT | Trade Week – (Pak American Trade Week)

Innovation that works: Pak American Trade Week 2016

PAT | Trade Week ("Pak American Trade Week 2016") is an annual consumer, trade development show, exhibition and conference. In 2016, the exhibition featured over 1800 exhibitors from Pakistan and USA with representatives from all facets of industry. Exhibiting at PAT | Trade Week allows you to showcase your products and services to 6,000 key decision-makers in a state-of-the-art exhibition facility. By exhibiting, your company can deliver excitement with advanced product demonstrations, industry-changing announcements, and more.

Surpassing all projections, Pak American Trade Week 2016, the biggest and most influential Pakistan American event, expecting record-breaking 10,000+ attendees from both countries.

PAT Trade Week 2016 attendees will be treated to a wealth of learning and networking opportunities; product showcases and announcements; inspiration and innovation.

Why Attend

Our 2016 program promises to be an exciting, new event offering guests 360 degrees of groundbreaking content throughout the show including:
  • Critical, forward-thinking education sessions offering robust information on the latest issues and trends
  • More innovative new suppliers than ever before, providing more opportunities to develop supplier relationships
  • A new venue and show floor layout with highlighted supplier sections based on key industry trends
  • Face-to-face networking with key stakeholders and buyers from 25 sectors of PAK US industry
  • Infinite Opportunities for Knowledge & Networking - Attendees will experience unparalleled educational opportunities with inspiring keynotes, informative round-table discussions, thought-provoking educational conferences and a comprehensive exhibition floor filled with new and innovative products and services.

Exhibitor Benefits

  • Showcase your company and brand to a highly targeted audience.
  • Generate new contacts, leads, and sales.
  • Interact with managers, directors, executives and other decision makers of top companies.
  • Face-to-face networking with key stakeholders and buyers from all sectors of the PAK US industry
  • International reach that delivers thousands of quality visitors with real buying power 
  • Networking events with renowned industry executives who make the final purchasing decision 
  • Conference program to keep you on the leading edge and increase attendee traffic
  • Targeted marketing and sponsorship programs
  • Access to power-packed new and enhanced features at PAT Trade Week 2016 (It includes: Lots of networking opportunities and peer to peer discussions) 
  • Access to ConneXions Lounge / PAT Connect and PAT Tours features 
  • Access to Global Industry Awards and Conference programme 
  • Access to conference keynote presentations / conference speakers and delegates
  • Schedule meetings with buyers / visitors / trade association members of US chamber of commerce & industries
  • 9 Sq. meter booth in the exhibition area
  • 5 night hotel accommodation with complimentary breakfast and lunch
  • Pick & drop from airport-hotel | hotel-venue 
  • Invitation letter for US Visa (For any two representatives of your Company / Organization) 
  • Broadened exposure throughout the event by acknowledgement in all print material including the event

Exhibitor’s Categories

  1. Bed wear & Towel Industries 
  2. Carpets & Rugs Industries 
  3. Fabrics/ Hosiery/ Knitwear Industries 
  4. Leather garments Industries 
  5. Made up for Textile Industries 
  6. Readymade Garments Industries 
  7. Rice Industries 
  8. Sports goods Industries
  9. Surgical Instruments Industries 
  10. Tents and Canvas Industries 
  11. Developing Products Industries 
  12. Construction Industries 
  13. Electrical/ Non-electrical/Transport Industries
  1. Engineering goods Industries 
  2. Fruits and vegetables Industries 
  3. Furniture Industries 
  4. Gems and Jewelry Industries 
  5. Handicrafts Industries
  6. Marble and granite Industry
  7. Meat Preparations Industries
  8. Oil Seeds Industries
  9. Pharmaceuticals Industries
  10. Services Selling Companies
  11. Spices and Tobacco Industries
  12. Wheat Industries 

Conference Overview

The Pakistan industry continues to be characterised by high levels of growth and opportunity, and as the industry becomes more dynamic, the opportunities within it increase in equal amount, as do the challenges. In 2016, the PAT Trade Week conference programme will provide an essential, in-depth coverage of the contemporary and future Pakistani industry, highlighting specific areas of growth and opportunity.

Running across the full length of the PAT Trade Week, the 2016 conference programme will continue to be a central focus for the event, challenging and educating delegates while covering the latest industrial developments, next generation services and growth strategies.

During this year’s event we are introducing a new format to include more sessions and enable an increased, in-depth analysis of the topics and trends that are shaping the Pakistani industry in 2016 and beyond. From the keynote programme to topic-focused conference sessions, thought leaders from the most important companies in Pakistan and USA industries will be represented across the four days of the conference.

Speakers Announcement:

The goal of PAT Trade Week four days conference is to provide some of the most fascinating speakers in PAK-USA ecosystem to share their ideas on a variety of topics. We are pleased to announce that number of renowned C level industrialist and specialist are shortlisted and we are in phase of finalising to bring them on board. Confirmed speakers list and day-wise conference and sessions schedule will be announced shortly.

Topics Include:

Day 1:

Personalising the Consumer Experience. Realising the Enterprise IoT Opportunity

Day 2:

Mobile Accessibility: The Business Angle for Improving the Quality of Life

Day 3:

Digital Transactions and Social Interactions

Day 4:

Enterprise Services – Connecting SMEs

The Conference Programme and Agenda:

A world-class thought-leadership Conference featuring visionary keynotes and panel discussions.

The 2016 PAT Trade Week conference programme will become a central stage for the PAK-USA industry. Across four days the industry’s premier conference platform will highlight the impact of businesses, in developed and developing markets across a growing range of industries.

Conference Keynote Topics:

Key Note 1: Personalising the Consumer Experience

In this hyperconnected era, the mass personalization trend is building momentum as operators and brands strive to establish more meaningful relationships with consumers. Brands need to go further than just building apps and operators need to better utilise the data at their fingertips. Those who do succeed in putting mobility first and making sense of the wealth of bi data that is now being generated can enjoy unprecedented insight into what communications their customers will find relevant. Location based services are one such opportunity. However, it is vital to achieve the right balance between personalisation and intrusion in order to avoid alienating consumers. This session will address how operators and brands can benefit from leveraging big data, predictive analytics and location technology to personalise customer experience.

Key Note 2: Realising the Enterprise IoT Opportunity

This session will look at the scope of Internet of Things market opportunities and particularly how enterprises can benefit from these. Companies in a variety of industries from transportation to agriculture are getting measurable results by analysing data collected from the numerous different machines, equipment, devices, appliances and other networked "things”. Enterprises are increasingly looking to the Internet of Things in order to improve operational efficiencies, create additional sources of income and enable service orientated business models. This session will explore how to enable IoT within enterprise organisations, the future opportunities and the key challenges and barriers to adoption.

Key Note 3: Mobile Accessibility: The Business Angle for Improving the Quality of Life

One in every ten human beings on earth has a disability. Our industry is fundamentally about serving human needs, as a business imperative; and, indeed, more and more disabled people are improving their quality of life due to mobile technology solutions. There is a long way still to go, though. This session will examine the business benefits of supporting services for disabled people as well as presenting live demonstrations of cutting-edge services. Attendees will leave this session understanding how we can reconcile business imperatives with the opportunity to benefit society.

Key Note 4: Digital Transactions and Social Interactions

In the digital world the borders between advertising, purchase and loyalty incentives have blurred, enabling a few clicks to complete a sale direct from an advert any time, any place. Meanwhile, social media enables interactions with your retailers in real time, while consumer reviews and recommendations have boomed as a way to filter the good and bad online, and to name and shame poor customer service. This creates much greater convenience for consumers but through presentations and case study examples this session will navigate the investment landscape, supported by speakers from investment providers, banks, start-up accelerators and companies who have created breakthrough products in the industry.

Key Note 5: Enterprise Services – Connecting SMEs

In an increasingly digital economy, businesses of all sizes and across all sectors are coming to rely more and more on high quality internet access and data services over traditional enterprise voice services. This shift in demand has presented existing service providers, especially in the fixed line space, with a number of operational and technical challenges, particularly in relation to the SME segment, which despite its fragmented nature, accounts for about 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide. How can mobile operators take advantage of existing technology solutions to cater to this underserved market? How can traditional enterprise service models evolve to take into account the diverse requirements of this segment? How will solutions vary across different economies, and across different sectors?

Global Industry Awards

Recognising excellence and achievement across the Pakistan and Worldwide over the years of dynamic, game-changing innovation and evolution, the PAT’s Global Industry Awards are categories for the leading industry, globally.

The awards will grow and evolve alongside the industry and phenomenal growth of global markets to reflect the positive impact of our local industry on all walks of life.

This year’s awards will create the tradition, reflecting the most topical areas of industrial development. From devices to products, applications, technology and awards for connected living, the awards are first and foremost about showcasing the ever-growing value that benefit brings to users, to industries, to businesses, communities and economies.

There are a number of new awards this year for the hottest and most topical of industry areas, including categories for Retail, Brands & Commerce, Mobile Identity, the ‘Internet of Things’, Wearable Technologies, Accessibility & Inclusion as well as a host of new app categories. The PAT has also introduced two special new categories, the Young Innovator of the Year, and Connected Women – Leadership in Industry.

The Global Industry Awards for 2015-2016 will be presented in the following categories:
  • Brand of the Year Awards 
  • Export Brand of the Year Awards
  • CSR Brand of the Year Awards
  • Emerging Brand of the Year Awards
  • National Brand of the Year Awards
  • C.E.O of the Year Awards
  • Government Service Excellence Awards 
  • Young Innovator of the Year Awards
  • IT Innovator of the Year Awards
  • Connected Women – Leadership in Industry Awards
  • Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Special Awards @ Global Industry Awards 


Industry Briefing

Hot Companies | Cool Products
High impact, high value briefing sessions. Closed door sessions, exclusively available to senior executives on a pre-qualified basis: tap into the elite of these critical sectors.

ConneXions Lounge

Search, connect and schedule appointments using the ConneXions matchmaking tool. Then head to the ConneXions Lounge for your face to face meeting with the key decision makers and buyers. A quiet, business-ready lounge to host those critical first meetings.

PAT Connect

PAT Connect is an invitation-only platform where you can talk business with C-level industry representatives and peers in an exclusive setting.

Tailored for networking, the event is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet with clients and prospects.

Registration and Schedule

Delegates at the PAT are entitled to one complimentary pass to PAT Connect as part of their Conference Package.

Book your seat at the Conference to hear from global and regional experts across 5 days of engaging discussion and lively debate.

Eligibility and Entrance Requirements

PAT Connect is a pre-qualified, invitation-ONLY event for senior executives attending PAT, 2016.

Places have been granted on a first come first served basis for those at the qualifying level. This is a value-added, complementary event offered by PAT as part of our newly-launched PAT Networking Event Series.

Pat Tours

Another potential ROI-boosting feature is the PAT Tours the PAT visitors will offer dedicated visits to selected exhibitors across the events 25 Industry Sectors. Each tour catered to groups of up to 20 trade visitors.

During the tour visitors were guided to visit key exhibitors showcasing their latest technologies from across the 26 sectors.

Following are the categories of PAT tour:

Tour 1: Rice Industries, Furniture Industries, Construction and Engineering Goods.

Tour meeting point: Info/Connexions Desk at Convention Gate

Tour 2: Textile, Garments and Products, Knitwear, Yarn, Surgical and Dental Instruments

Tour meeting point: Info /ConneXions Desk at Exhibition Gate

Tour 3: Government, Handicraft, Food Products, Leather Products, Sporting goods

Tour meeting point: Info /ConneXions Desk at Exhibition Gate


The physical address of the venue and event date will be announced shortly!

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