Creating a positive and lasting impression in face-to-face marketing relies on a clear understanding of just how that impression will be measured. Your successful face-to-face event depends on establishing clear priorities consistent with your objectives and your brand. PAKE has the tools to lower your costs, increase efficiencies and help you enhance your brand more effectively.

By approaching your goals with a sound planning strategy, we're able to help you achieve results and a better return on your face-to-face marketing investments.

Brand Sensory Exploration:

is a discovery tool that helps customers understand and communicate their brand in a way that designers can turn into a three-dimensional environment. This patented creative process is designed to discover the associated attributes and emotional connection of a brand through the exploration of the five senses. Results from a qualitative discovery are used to craft a customer’s brand personality, or “brand essence.” This brand essence is then infused into all marketing communications and creative elements to deliver a consistent brand throughout the event. By properly communicating your brand’s essence, you can better connect with attendees and exhibitors, ultimately enhancing their experience.

As we begin the creative process, we consider how the design and messaging of the experience will most effectively bring your brand to life — and drive your audiences to action.

Content Development:

Our creative directors, scriptwriters, designers, artists and executive coaches are a breed apart in business and creative experience. They don’t just create images and copy. They create whole new worlds for your event. They move people to places they’ve never been, to think thoughts they’ve never considered. These experiences don’t just exist statically on a page — they come alive, moving your audience with conceptual, visual and inspirational content.

Creative Development:

At PAKE, every creative idea is backed by sound business objectives and a strategy to connect those objectives throughout the environment and face-to-face experience. Connecting on an emotional level, every detail must be relevant, connected, and purposeful. This strategy allows messages to be laser-focused towards achieving the desired results. This process is led by PAKE’s creative directors, whose responsibilities include driving creative development of all themes, message vehicles, graphic design, 3D design, audio visual elements and multimedia, ensuring brand strategies are consistently projected across all communication platforms.

Dedicated Account Team:

When you work with PAKE, you will work with a dedicated group of resourceful, ambitious people who take your vision and make it reality. You simply will not find a more experienced, focused or dedicated team in the industry. We are focused on the success of your event–and we are with you every step of the way. From concept to design to show site implementation, you can count on PAKE to make it happen.

Exhibit Fabrication:

Creating a custom exhibit is a fascinating and detail oriented process, with the ultimate goal of constructing a connection with your audience. Our creative team will work with you to determine a design direction and general concept. Once a design is rendered, then the exciting fabrication process can begin. Our staff of detailers carefully creates a blueprint for each project, ensuring that the finished product is structurally sound and is a replica of the rendering. Each project is then sent through our quality control process to ensure consistent delivery of a quality product, every time.
  • Utilize state of the art tools with the highest skill and craftsmanship
  • Create nearly any three-dimensional structure imaginable
  • Storage facilities in every major convention city so your final materials go through less transportation

Exhibit Program Management:

Exhibiting in multiple events throughout the year creates the need to effectively manage show details and logistics in order to get the most value from your face-to-face marketing investment. Our ability to strategically manage resources makes us unique. Because PAKE handles every aspect of your exhibiting experience, we are able to stretch you marketing dollars and save time without the use of multiple contacts and redundancies. PAKE gives you access to:
  • Locations in more than 80 cities throughout the world
  • Handle transporting logistics and show services
  • Reductions in shipping and storage costs
  • Everything you need in one single source

Experiential Design:

From exposition and event environments to exhibits and mobile marketing tours, our creative teams create powerful face-to-face engagements that not only develop an emotional link to your brand; but also motivate your audience to action. We take the message you want to convey and transform that into living, working, three-dimensional environments and experiences that command attention and invite interaction. We're not afraid to experiment with our designs and always enjoy a new challenge. We also work with you on all the marketing elements needed to attract your audience and enhance their experience before, during and after the event.

Floorprint By PAKE:

Floorprint simplifies the setup of exhibits or events by improving the efficiency of the installation process. Floorprint is a full-scale installation plan printed on lowcost banner material. The plan is color-coded and numbered by exhibit component to correspond with the various wall panels, cabinets, doors and other structural elements. The actual exhibit components are also color-coded or numbered to match. With the installation plan printed on the material and placed on the floor, our install labor crew may quickly identify the proper location of each exhibit component.

PAKE Technology Suite:

The PAKE Technology Suite is an integrated platform of interactive tools which simplifies the event planning process and enhances the on-site experience for Exhibitors, Show Organizers, Event Planners and Meeting Managers.
All the resources you need, in one place.
Each tool within the suite is designed to promote communication and collaboration and provide quick access to important event-related information.
The PAKE Technology Suite is comprised of three tools:

Mobile App: A mobile application that elevates the customer service experience and saves time before, during and after the event.

PAKE Online: Provides an easy way to order show services online and access vital information.

Exhibit Planner: Integrates the management of exhibit programs, properties and services.

Graphics Design: It’s no secret that full-color, photo-quality, high-resolution digital graphics at your event will catch people’s attention. That’s why we provide you with the highest-quality digital graphics available in almost any size. All over the country, our in-house design teams and 24/7 printing facilities produce banners, signage and other graphics in any size imaginable, all created to produce breathtaking results.
Graphic capabilities include:
  • Suspended banners
  • Accent graphic photo panels
  • Backlit displays and murals
  • Large format signs and banners
  • Bus wraps, descending staircase graphics and other special applications
  • Exhibit graphics
  • Customizable graphics for any size event


Your ability to measure the value of your event becomes more critical every day. Which performance metrics are needed to help you set obtainable benchmarks with your market, customers, competition and your own organization, so that the success of the event can be defined? We offer and emphasize scalable qualitative and quantitative measurement practices at every turn of the process.

These critical measures are the bedrock of an on-target experience, forming structure, content and overall environment. Measurement then lives on to drive continuous improvement and reinforcement of your message for ongoing success and competitive advantage.

Here's what we can do for you:
  • Focus group design and facilitation
  • Internal stakeholder review
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Benchmark development and analysis
  • Financial and statistical reporting

Sponsorship Programs:

When it comes to finding new revenue streams, PAKE has the ability to help your show grow. We combine innovative ideas with unique sponsorship opportunities to uncover potential revenue that may have previously gone unnoticed. This includes viable marketing tools and revenue streams in a variety of different media formats while also adding value for partners and exhibitors and yielding a superior return on investment.

Staging Design:

To reach your customers, you must first engage them. A captivating environment will help your audience connect with your brand. So whether your brand is traditional or trend-setting, whether your event accommodates 50 or 50,000, we can design and construct custom environments that bring it to life. PAKE’s in-house designers, carpenters, scenic artists and audio visual experts work together to deliver a high-quality stage design that wows your audience. Custom-built scenes can be created to enhance brand messaging for any size audience, creating the exact mood you desire. Full knowledge of stagecraft, materials and structural design allows the PAKE scenic team to deliver on their designs. We also offer pre-built rental stage sets that allow you to have a custom look at an off-the-rack price.