As exhibitors and attendees are looking to make longer-lasting connections, build relationships and ultimately increase their ROI, show organizers are trying to find ways to increase the reach and length of their event. We offer a full range of products and services to help do just that. By augmenting your live event with a virtual component, and taking advantage of social media along with other marketing strategies and tactics, then analyzing the results and feedback, we can help lead you to an even more successful event experience.

Audio Visual Solutions:

Audio visual technology is one of the most influential and ever-changing means of communication in today's world. To stay relevant, we offer a broad selection of state-of-the-art audio visual equipment combined with our production services that will ensure you deliver an impactful message to your audience.


Your ability to measure the value of your event becomes more critical every day. Which performance metrics are needed to help you set obtainable benchmarks with your market, customers, competition and your own organization, so that the success of the event can be defined? We offer and emphasize scalable qualitative and quantitative measurement practices at every turn of the process.

These critical measures are the bedrock of an on-target experience, forming structure, content and overall environment. Measurement then lives on to drive continuous improvement and reinforcement of your message for ongoing success and competitive advantage.

Here's what we can do for you:
  • Focus group design and facilitation
  • Internal stakeholder review
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Benchmark development and analysis
  • Financial and statistical reporting

Mobile Services:

Caretaker (CT-Elite) by PAKE mobile is the industry's first customer service and productivity application that offers exhibitors the convenience of self-service through their Smartphone or mobile device. Exhibitors no longer need to walk to the service center because CT-Elite mobile provides quick access to PAKE.PK and the critical information needed during move-in and move-out right in the palm of their hand.

CT-Elite mobile allows exhibitors to:
  • Set up text or email alerts to notify them when their freight has arrived onsite
  • View current booth orders
  • Submit a request for service or assistance
  • Set up text or email alerts to notify them when empty shipping containers are returned after the show
  • Submit their outbound paperwork and check out of the show
  • Mobile access to PAKE Online is now available. Exhibitors may access the PAKE Online mobile experience to obtain:
  • PAKE Online account information
  • Order summaries and show invoices
  • Show information including important dates and times, show contact information, exhibit hall information and PAKE contact information
To access the PAKE Online and CT-Elite mobile experiences, simply visit www.pake.pk from a mobile device and login or create a PAKE Online username and password.

Ongoing Support:

Our relationship doesn't end when your event is over. We offer tools and services that can help analyze your results and improve your next exhibiting experience. Our goal is to keep an ongoing, lasting collaboration that allows you to be efficient and creative at every opportunity.

Our ongoing support services include:
  • Measurement and analysis of results
  • Social Media interaction
  • Storage and maintenance
  • Customer service and support

Social Media Integration :

Event Social Blog: Increase attendance at your event by creating an easy way for registered attendees to tap into their social networks, invite colleagues to join them at the trade show or create a custom show schedule online that can easily be shared on their social networks.

Media Wall: Serving as a focal point at your event, PAKE's media wall allows attendees and exhibitors to post to and view your Twitter feed, Flickr photos, or other aggregated social media content. These media walls can be scaled to meet the needs of your event.

Widget: These on-screen tools offered by PAKE generally are a countdown widget (counts down the days until an important date) which can include embedded social media offerings that can generate excitement and awareness for your event.

Mobile Text Interaction: Allow your attendees to drive content and engage speakers by texting questions, comments, and answer to polls.

Virtual Extensions: Our virtual extensions are interactive experiences that include educational presentations, networking and sponsorship opportunities-before, during or after an event. Attendees can visit virtual locations such as auditoriums, exhibit halls, lounges and resource libraries where speakers and exhibitors will interact with attendees through a variety of methods including text and video chat. And with detailed tracking of everything that happens within these virtual extensions, measuring your ROI has never been easier.

We offer the best technology available along with top-of-the-line services like project management, strategy and creative to help deliver virtual extensions that are tightly integrated with your event, easier on your staff and will maximize your revenue.