Our expertise in logistics management and onsite execution allows you to have valuable time, while we take care of the complex details in producing your successful face-to-face marketing experience. With multiple offices around the country, plus global capabilities and in-depth industry experience, we are able to efficiently coordinate all of your moving parts from design and decor to graphics, audio visual, electrical and transportation services. Our 4 years of experience can help your marketing experience become an infinite success.

Audio Visual Solutions:

Audio visual technology is one of the most influential and ever-changing means of communication in today's world. To stay relevant, we offer a broad selection of state-of-the-art audio visual equipment combined with our production services that will ensure you deliver an impactful message to your audience.

Meeting and Convention Services:

We offer a complete range of audio visual solutions including computer equipment rental, lighting, staging, audio, video, production, and innovative digital services solutions, Some of our production services include special event design, scenic solutions, entertainment booking and as well as talent management. We also offer full-suite of creative solutions for meetings, expositions, conventions, and exhibit programs of all sizes.

Event Production Services:

PAKE Audio Visual Solutions offers a full range of audio, video and lighting services with broadcast and concert-quality systems, custom designs and installation, and specialized packages for every application. Our video systems include high-quality video production, professional video enhancements and image magnification. Our intelligent lighting can project moving colors and patterns on screens, exhibit walls or the floor; or static lighting to enhance a display, product or graphic. And our experienced project managers have the technical knowledge to offer you the best solutions for your needs, no matter what the size.

Exhibit Production:

Enhancing your exhibiting experience by providing audio visual and computer technology solutions for all your needs. Our friendly Exhibit Services Specialists are standing by to share their knowledge of audio, video, lighting, and state of the art equipment for your tradeshow floor, meeting room, and/or special event. They are always available for your pre, on-site, and post show planning to ensure you have a profitable and valuable experience.

Content Development:

As we begin the creative process, we consider how the design and messaging of the experience will most effectively bring your brand to life and drive your audiences to action. Our creative directors, scriptwriters, designers, artists and executive coaches are incredibly passionate about what they do and highly skilled at enhancing your brand.

Creative Development:

We make sure that every creative idea is backed by a sound business objective and a strategy to connect those objectives. Connecting on an emotional level, every detail must be relevant and purposeful. Our creative directors and their teams are dedicated to driving creative development of all themes, message vehicles, graphic designs, 3D designs, audio visual elements and multimedia while ensuring that brand strategies are consistently projected across all communication platforms.

Experimental Design:

From exposition and event environments to exhibits and mobile marketing tours, our creative teams create powerful face-to-face engagements that not only develop an emotional link to your brand, but also motivate your audience to action. We take the message you want to convey and transform that into living, working, three-dimensional environments and experiences that command attention and invite interaction. We will work with you on all the marketing elements needed to attract your audience and enhance their experience before, during and after the event.

Presentation Management:

Audio visual technology is one of the most influential means of communication in today's world. However, it seems like it's always changing, updating and being replaced with something new. That's why PAKE offers a broad range of the most up-to-date AV digital services - to help you stay relevant and deliver an impactful message to your audience.