PAKE-XP provides multiple marketing solutions for you that range from traditional to innovative marketing products that support your event. PAKE-XP leverages our more than 4 years of industry expertise with the unique needs of your event to provide a truly integrated approach to your marketing needs.

Custom and turnkey solutions include:

Market research analysis:

Market Research uses surveys/questionnaires to gather information from attendees and/or exhibitors that will be analyzed and interpreted in order to gain valuable attendee and exhibitor insights that lead to an enhanced experience.

Branding strategy:

An event’s brand does not only consist of the visual depiction, such as a logo or color palette, it also includes messaging and positioning as a way it is represented in the marketplace.

Traditional marketing support:

Most customers are using traditional marketing techniques, such as advertising, direct mail, and email marketing to attract attendees and create awareness of their event. PAKE-XP can provide development and execution support to supplement their current marketing team.

Technology solutions:

Some of PAKE’s current technology solutions create an additional communication/engagement channel for customers to connect with attendees and exhibitors.

Social Media interaction:

A social media strategy helps customers effectively participate in social media and social networking. PAKE has developed a number of tools that help our customers leverage social media to communicate and connect with attendees and exhibitors.

Measurement of results:

Metrics are critical to evaluating the effectiveness of marketing and communication tactics. It is important that measurements and metrics are established as early as possible.